Adoption Therapy

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Adoption Therapy

About Adoption Therapy

Adoption is a joyous and exciting time for your family, but all the changes it brings can create challenges. Spectrum Behavioral Health offers adoption therapy by a team of highly skilled psychiatric care professionals. Spectrum Behavioral Health helps your family navigate the adoption process and grow into a strong family. Schedule adoption therapy today through the online feature or call the New Lenox or Hinsdale, Illinois, office.

Adoption Therapy Q&A

What is adoption therapy?

Adoption therapy involves talk therapy to discuss and get help with challenges and adjustments related to adopting a child. This therapy is uniquely tailored to the needs of children, parents, and other family members who are part of a newly formed family.  

I adopted a child. Does my family need adoption therapy?

Adoption therapy can be beneficial as your child adjusts to being in a new family and you adapt to having a new family member.

The Spectrum Behavioral Health team can tailor adoption therapy to focus on your family’s needs. They provide individual and family therapy, and many families choose both.

I’m an adopted adult. Can adoption therapy help me?

Adoption therapy can help you no matter how long ago you were adopted. Many people grow up before realizing that they have unresolved frustrations, questions, and/or problems around their adoption.

Adoption therapy provides an excellent opportunity to find answers and learn how to better cope with feelings regardless of your age. Bringing old problems up and dealing with them is the best way to enter your future without being bogged down by issues from your past, and adoption therapy gives you the tools you need to do that.

What does adoption therapy involve?

Adoption therapy is unique to your family’s needs. Family-focused therapy, play therapy, family systems therapy, and many other therapies are available to help your family navigate this process.

If your adopted family member struggles with their mental health, adoption therapy works hand-in-hand with treatment for other disorders like depression and anxiety. Spectrum Behavioral Health offers medication management alongside therapy for patients who need it.

How can adoption therapy help us?

Adoption therapy gives your family benefits, including:

  • Developing improved self-confidence for new family members
  • Fostering improved relationships among all family members
  • Dispelling adoption myths like the automatic happily-ever-after scenario
  • Learning new coping methods
  • Developing new conflict resolution tools
  • Making peace with the past
  • Planning a bright future for the family

If you or someone you love is experiencing adoption-related challenges, the best approach is to tackle the problem head-on. The Spectrum Behavioral Health team gives your family a toolbox of effective methods to use as you build and reinforce your family.

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