Nina Drape

Certified Medical Assistant in New Lenox and Hinsdale, IL

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Meet Nina Drape

Certified Medical Assistant


Nina Drape, MA, LCPC, is a licensed professional counselor with more than a decade of experience. Through her work as part of the team at Spectrum Behavioral Health with offices in New Lenox and Hinsdale, Illinois, Nina guides those in her care toward enhanced quality of life. 

Deepening her understanding of mental health is a top priority for Nina. She earned her Master of Arts in mental health and community counseling and continues to explore advancements in mental health research and practice. 

A seasoned clinician, Nina has extensive experience working with adolescents, young adults, couples, and families. She offers both individual and group counseling and begins by building a professional bond with those in her care. From that foundation, she can more effectively aid clients in setting goals and working toward those milestones. 

One area where Nina truly excels is in striking a balance in her therapeutic work. The ability to encourage without undue pressure, and to speak honestly without being insensitive are skills that help patients feel they are in a safe and supportive environment. 

Clients are always at the center of Nina’s recovery-based therapeutic interventions. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), music therapy, and faith-based counseling are just some of the paths that Nina offers to those in her care.