Debora Ellis, DNP-PMHNP

Psychiatry & Nurse Practitioner in New Lenox and Hinsdale, IL

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Meet Debora Ellis, DNP-PMHNP

Psychiatry & Nurse Practitioner


Debora Ellis, DNP, PMHNP, brings a wealth of experience to her role at Spectrum Behavioral Health. A board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner, Debora takes great pride in helping residents of New Lenox and Hinsdale, Illinois, find more rewarding paths forward.  

A lifelong learner, Deborah most recently completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Rush University in Chicago, Illinois. She continues to seek out opportunities to expand her skill set. 

Dr. Ellis’ areas of professional focus include mood disorders, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction, and psychotic disorders. When working with patients, she takes the time to build a trusting bond and engender a collaborative approach. 

Once effective communication is established, it becomes easier for patients to explore the circumstances of their past, which are often tied to their current set of symptoms. Empathetic listening allows Dr. Ellis to better understand and serve those in her care. 

Patients enjoy partnering with Dr. Ellis and feel that they are seen and known in a manner that helps them engage more deeply in the therapeutic process. Whether engaged in long-term therapy or striving to address a single, specific concern, they recognize the value of working with a trusted mental health practitioner.